Ology celebrates a year of beer


If not for Ology Brewing, there may not be a Tallahassee Beer Society. 

Or even a bi-monthly "Around The Brew Bend" craft beer column.

But when Ology became Tallahassee's fifth craft brewery in June 2017, it solidified Florida's capital city as more than a place with a "few craft breweries."

We now had a full-blown "craft beer scene."

And next week, Ology turns 1 — and is throwing one heck of a party to celebrate.

"Humbling and exciting," Ology co-owner and head brewer Nick Walker said. "We are so grateful for everyone that has ever had a beer here."

Starting June 14 at 2 p.m., the festivities begin. 

Ology will kick things off by releasing it first-ever canned beer: "Double Dry Hopped Sensory Overload," a New England-style IPA brewed with delicious Denali hops that Walker says gives Ology's flagship beer Sensory Overload "a bit more hop punch — and the color is even more beautiful." (16 oz. cans will be available for sale in four-packs).

Then Friday, June 15, special treatments of DDH Sensory Overload will be tapped, and Saturday, June 16, Ology plans its second-ever bottle release, this time a barrel-aged passion fruit and pink guava sour. By the way, their first bottle release in January sold out in under 45 minutes.

And finally Sunday, the moment many Tallahassee craft beer lovers wait every week for arrives: "Juice Lab," Ology's heavily fruited — and wildly popular — Berliner Weisse series.

Except for this anniversary occasion, Ology's going next level by offering multiple Juice Lab flavors and debuting Juice Lab swag such as shirts, glassware, stickers and growler labels.

Walker, whose brewery was named one of the Top 50 New Craft Breweries in America by Beer Advocate just last month, said the milestone celebration has been a total team effort.

"My wife (Jordan) has been an anchor for our household and my ability to give as much as I have. Each of our staff members are an integral part of our brand, and they're all family to us," said Walker, who hopes to expand Ology's hours of operation in Year 2. "Our founding partners Brian (Clark), Paul (Woodward), and Max (Arndt) have donated a lot of time, brainpower and their livers into making Ology what it is. Of course, Ology would not have happened the continued support of our awesome customers."

Cheers to that!

Lake Tribe tries something new

Lake Tribe debuted their new dry hopped sour last weekend, Camp Motueka.

Camp Motueka (4.7% ABV) is made with citrus, tropical fruit and a lemon-lime blend to produce a delightfully tart taste. Using Motueka hops from New Zealand, this beer is in limited quantities in the tasting room only.

Also, Saturday, June 16th, sees the return of a Lake Tribe fan-favorite -- "Nolee’s Summer Suds" -- and live music from Tallahassee musician "Yamadeo."


Spain welcomes Proof

Before last week, no Tallahassee brewery had ever poured their beer outside the U.S.

Well, Proof changed all that at the Founders Brewing Madrid Beer & Music Fest on June 1-2 in Spain. And co-owner Byron Burroughs came back glowing about the opportunity.

"Madrid was an amazing experience. Not only was the beer extremely well received, we were told by many in attendance we were the best of the best, which is extremely humbling given the caliber of the beers and breweries," Burroughs said. "Madrid is a beautiful city with a developing craft beer scene. They were well receptive of full flavorful and experimental beer. We made amazing contacts and relationships with many wonderful people from all of Europe, and we can’t wait to visit again in the years to come!"

Proof beers in Madrid

Here are the Tallahassee beers that Proof Brewing Company poured at the Founders Brewing Madrid Beer & Music Fest on June 1-2 in Spain:

• Coffee Vanilla Royal Bloodline Imperial Stout
• Blue Raspberry Evil Kiss Berliner Weisse
• Pomegranate Passion Fruit Evil Kiss Berliner Weisse
• Raspberry Kissing Giants Gose
• Bourbon Barrel Aged Glass Emperor Imperial Stout
• Tropical Uprising New England-Style IPA
• Grandma’s Goodies BBA Baltic Porter.  

Demolition days at Deep

When Deep fans show up this weekend for the return of "On Porpoise" — a guava-heavy New England IPA — they may notice differences.

Namely, a wall is missing!

Deep is still making progress on its tasting room expansion as they await the delivery of their new brewing system in July, which will lead to more big announcements later this summer.

Deep will also offered extended hours for Father's Day and welcome a full slate of food trucks this week: St. Ever's Sausage (Friday), Rankin Tacos (Saturday) and Tally Mac Shack (Sunday).

GrassLands lit with 'It's Wit!'

GrassLands is kicking off what's sure to be a hot summer in Tally by bringing back its light, crisp "It's Wit!" Belgian Witbier, which owner Gabe Grass called "easy drinking, quenchable and cuts through the heat."

GrassLands is also visiting Growler Country on Saturday for its latest "Meet The Brewers" event. This is also the first tap spotlight GrassLands is doing with Growler Country, which was recently named the No. 1 Craft Beer Bar in Florida.


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