GrassLands teams with local charities for Community Pint initiative

GrassLands Brewing Company owner Gabe Grass left, and The Elk Institute's Angela Drzewiecki are teaming up for a new charity initiative called "Community Pint," which begins Aug. 1 and sees a portion of proceeds from a designated GrassLands beer donated at the end of every month. The first charity will be  Drzewiecki's Elk Institute, which provides education, and treatment to the military and veteran community, with a concentration on treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

 One thing becomes immediately apparent when speaking with GrassLands Brewing Company’s founder Gabe Grass: The brewery takes the company slogan — “Craft, Community, Conservation” — seriously.

“GrassLands would not exist without the support of the Tallahassee community,” said Grass, who opened his brewery in 2015. “We’ve always tried to engage the community, but have not always been able to do it as directly as we would have liked.”

Enter the brewery’s new partnership program, “Community Pint.” 

Under this program, due to launch Wednesday, Aug. 1, the efforts of a different non-profit organization will be highlighted each month.

Here's how it works:

Each month going forward, GrassLands will choose one beer in its taproom as the “Community Pint,” and will donate 10 percent of the month’s total proceeds from this pint to that month’s designated non-profit. 

“The ‘Community Pint’ is a small way for us to give back and return some of the love we’ve been given since we first opened our doors in 2015,” Grass said.

To kick off the new program, GrassLands is working with Angela Drzewiecki to showcase the work of The Elk Institute. The Florida-Based Elk Institute provides education, consultation, treatment, and clinical research services to the military and veteran community, with a concentration on treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Drzewiecki began dedicating her time to the Institute when her husband, Air Force Staff Sergeant Carl Enis, and six other airmen were killed in a helicopter incident along the Syrian-Iraqi border. Sergeant Enis, a member of the 308th Elite Rescue Squadron based out of Patrick Air Force Base, was a member of the team of highly trained pararescue jumpers (PJs for short) that specialize in providing life-saving trauma care in addition to conducting search and rescue operations.

“Helping our military and veterans community deal with the real impacts of fighting for our nation is just one way we can make a difference in the lives of our heroes,” Drzewiecki said. “Mental health education is essential for these men and women. Bringing attention to this issue not only helps our service members do their job safely and strengthens personal relationships, but also helps remove the stigma surrounding PTSD.”

PTSD may occur after a person has been through a shocking and dangerous event that happens personally or might have been witnessed. The U.S. Department of Affairs estimates that anywhere from 11-20% of Veterans who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom suffer from PTSD symptoms in a given year.

Add to those statistics the veterans of the Gulf War and Vietnam War who have also suffered PTSD in their lifetimes, and it’s easy to see how important the works of organizations like The Elk Institute really are. With stated goals of trying to “reach, restore, or surpass patients’ optimal psychological health and wellness, contributing to the overall effectiveness of their day-to-day performance,” The Elk Institute is aiding the efforts to understand and treat PTSD. 

“We thank GrassLands for lending support for this incredibly important issue facing our nation’s military community,” Drewzewieki said.

The partnership with GrassLands and The Elk institute doesn’t stop with the “Community Pint.” On Saturday, Aug. 25 at 5 p.m., GrassLands and Drzewiecki are planning to host a party at the brewery’s 603 West Gaines St. location.

“Pints for PJs” — named in honor of parajumpers — will feature two beers brewed and named specifically for the event. Half of all proceeds generated from sales of “Jumpmaster” IPA and “Go Above and Blonde" will be donated directly to The Elk Institute. 

“The best way we know how to raise awareness about the critical work of The Elk Institute is to host a party on Gaines and provide the beer,” said Grass. “We’re extremely proud to team up with Angela and we’re humbled by the opportunity to brew beer that recognizes Carl’s amazing sacrifice. It’s quite an honor.”

In addition to featuring new beers, the event will have food provided by two-time food truck of the year winner Tally Mac Shack and live music on the outdoor stage. 

For additional information regarding the “Community Pint” or “Pints for Pjs” events,  follow GrassLands on social media. For additional information regarding the efforts of The Elk Institute, visit their website:

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