Lake Tribe preps for 3-year Anniversary


They couldn’t have known, no one could have, that the so-called “Lake Tribe” – a group of fathers and sons who got their name from a YMCA program – were laying the foundation for what would one day be a successful Tallahassee craft brewery. 

However, a talk with owners Jessie, Jason, or Connor Ross reveals just that: the experiences and kinship fostered by the “Lake Tribe” is always on display in the taproom, with beer names evoking images of the outdoors and wildlife. 

A step outside of the brewery — especially on a cool night -- finds people conversing around firepits, or listening to music on their outside patio, or making use of a dog walking trail. It’s clear that days spent as a family have influenced all parts of Lake Tribe’s operations. And while decades ago, the thought of Tallahassee having a single brewery and the Ross family running one, must’ve been far-fetched, here they are — celebrating three years of community and incredible craft beers.

Given its roots in family and community, it’s no surprise that when we approached co-owner Jason Ross about Lake Tribe’s plans for their March 24th anniversary celebration, that talk seemed less about Lake’s great craft beers and more about their time and impact in Tallahassee.

“We see this event as a chance for us to really celebrate the community that embraced us, allowed us to do what we love – brew craft beer – right here in Tallahassee, “ Jason Ross said, “We’re really excited to be able to highlight collaborations with some non-profits we’ve partnered with over the years, as well as some other joint projects.”

One such joint project can be found in the tasting room most weekends, and has a loyal following: Beckster’s Satsuma Wheat Ale —a refreshing, and juicy, wheat ale bursting with citrus notes that highlight the use of Florida-Georgia Citrus’ locally grown satsuma oranges.

Fans of more hop-forward beers can rejoice as three new IPAs are scheduled for release at the anniversary party from noon to 9 p.m. March 24 at the brewery, 3357 Garber Drive. Get a taste of  “Red IPA” — which features cold brew from locally owned Red Eye Coffee. Lake's two other IPAs releasing that weekend are named “White Wolf” and “Black Spot.”

While they're looking forward to the anniversary event, Lake Tribe is also keeping an eye on the future.

“We are really excited to unfold our third year here in the capital city," Jason Ross added. "In addition to plans to continue growing our tasting room, outdoor patio, and production space, we’re working toward canning, and producing a very exciting lineup of concept beers that will range from bold new IPAs to the second edition of our Wildwoods (sour beer) Project."

We’ll toast to that!

Deep and Proof going for gold

The Winter Olympics may be over, but beer medal season is in full swing this week as Deep Brewing and Proof Brewing each have three beers earning medals at the Best Florida Beer Championship happening this weekend in Tampa. While brewers have been notified that they’ve medaled, the winning beers, and their respective place of finish, will be announced at the Brewer’s Ball on Sunday. 

We'll update you on which beers placed where on as soon we find out! 

More awards for Ology

While Ology has received well-deserved accolades for its beers, their recent set of awards came in the realm of advertising, taking "Best of Show for a Campaign" in the Tallahassee Advertising Federation's 2018 Addy Awards. The big win affords Ology the opportunity to compete in regionals and — depending on outcome — possibly nationals!

In addition to the "Best of Show" accolades, Ology also took golds for "Brand Identity Campaign," "Website," and for their beautifully designed Dynamic Fermentum bottle labels. A silver medal was also awarded for Ology's video announcing the release of their sour beer program.

GrassLands bids farewell to head brewer

GrassLands Brewing is in the market for a new head brewer after longtime head brewer Spencer Wills recently accepted a position in Atlanta at Evintide Brewing. GrassLands owner Gabe Grass is now on the hunt for his replacement, but he told us he's eternally grateful for all Wills did for GrassLands during his time.

"Spencer was the breath of fresh air that GrassLands needed at a time when we needed it most," Grass said. "He started out as a volunteer — checking IDs on our busy nights — before moving into a bartending role, and finally working extremely hard to get our distribution-sized system up and running. He was making killer beer in the process, even without having ever professionally brewed before. It's bittersweet for us here as he moves on to our friends at Eventide Brewing in Atlanta, but we're definitely proud of the professionalism and passion he brought GrassLands family each and every day."

The TLH Beer Society Road Show

Last week, TLH Beer Society founder Danny Aller teamed with Tally Mac Shack food truck owner Justo Cruz in the first run of a new concept to spread the #TLHBeer gospel (and some of Tallahassee’s best food truck cuisine) to other parts of the state.
Armed with swag donated by all of Tallahassee's breweries, as well as copies of the Visit Tally Visitors Guide, the duo began a two-night tour, first hitting Big Storm Brewing in Clearwater and then Darwin Brewing in Cruz’s hometown of Bradenton. While many in the Big Storm and Darwin crowds started the nights with the sentiment, "We had no idea Tallahassee had such a happening beer scene!" Aller said the trip was just part the Beer Society's plan to expand #TLHBeer's statewide influence. 

“We made sure that — be it in the form of a Visitors Guide, beer merchandise, or some amazing mac and cheese — just about everyone took home a piece of Tallahassee they won't soon forget," he said. "And that was the entire idea of the trip.”
Deemed a success, Aller said the TLH Beer Society and Cruz are now planning similar trips to other parts of the state with craft beer scenes that are hopping (pun intended).

Well, that's it for this week!

Until next time, remember when you drink local and support local, #TallahasseeWins. 

Cheers to #TLHBeer!

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