Proof supplies National Guard with hand sanitizer

Proof posted photos of the National Guard making a gigantic pickup at their 1320 South Monroe location.

We've written a lot in this column over the past couple of months about the efforts of our breweries to not only maintain business during the coronavirus crisis, but also do their part to keep their customers safe and continue to help out in the community.

So it was no surprise to us when we saw Proof Brewing's post late last week that they had recently supplied hundreds of gallons of hand sanitizer — which they are making in-house — to the Florida National Guard.

Proof posted photos of the National Guard making a gigantic pickup at their 1320 South Monroe location, and said this about the partnership in the post: "Thank you to the Florida National Guard and their procurement of hand sanitizer for their personnel across the state. Thank you to all the members serving and for your dedication to helping our local communities. We hope you stay safe and healthy."

Pretty damn cool, if you ask us. 

Now back to beer!

Proof, like breweries across the country, is celebrating American Craft Beer Week (May 7-11) this week with several new beers available for crowler and growler fills, which can be purchased through online ordering and curbside pickup at their online store:

Proof owners Byron and Angela Burroughs with the National Guard truck after distributing hand sanitzer.

The new beers include:

  • "Double Blueberry Lemonade Lager" - Lager 5.3% ABV
  • "Edgefire" - Imperial Pastry Stout 13%
  • "Lights Out" - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 12.5%
  • "Hot Cocoa Bourbon Barrel-aged Royal Bloodline" - Imperial Stout 12.5%

We encourage you to get out and support the HECK out of our local craft breweries during American Craft Beer Week, which is the annual nationwide celebration of small and independent U.S. craft breweries. You can join the celebration and support independent brewery businesses by giving the gift of craft beer through delivery of beer, beer-to-go, gift cards or merchandise.

Earlier this year, Proof released a year-long calendar showing their new releases and when they were planning to debut each of them. We loved the idea because it gives local craft beer fans a chance to plan and anticipate when some of their favorite beers are coming out.

Well, Deep is now doing the same thing — except monthly — and they debuted the first of many planned monthly calendars this week. 

This weekend - "Ginger Lime SUBLime Keylime" - a sour Florida Weisse with ginger and key lime.

Next week -  May 20, "Cherry Lime SUBLime Keylime" - same as above, except with cherries instead of ginger. And May 22, "Greater Barrier Reese," which is a big-boy stout with loads of peanut butter. This beer always sells out fast every year Deep makes it, but head brewer Ryan LaPete told us "this year we made about three times as much as we normally do, so there should be plenty to go around."

Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day) - "Calypso 85" Cuban Coffee Imperial Stout bottle release

Friday, May 29 - "Denizen Of The Deep" Rye ale. (One of our personal favs)

Deep remains to-go only right now (7 days a week, 12-7 p.m.) and will stay that way through the end of May, LaPete added. To order online from Deep, visit

Ology cans 'Wonder Wall' sour

Lots of cool things happening at Ology this week and next.

Starting this week, Ology is releasing more cans of "Purple Telescope" Imperial Berliner Weisse with blackberry, strawberry and raspberry, as well as "Sensory Overload" Hazy IPA (their most popular core beer). Also coming to cans this week — but for the first time — is "Problem Solver" Blonde Ale.

Turning our attention to next week, Ology takes things up a notch by canning a popular local favorite — and another personal favorite of ours — their "Wonder Wall" Berliner Weisse. This beer is not only green in color, but it's made with electrolytes. This beer is exactly what it sounds like: an ode to green Gatorade.

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In addition to Wonder Wall cans coming out next week, so is Ology's version of the "All Together" NEIPA that breweries around the country have brewed as a way to help support the struggling hospitality industry. All proceeds from this beer will be donated, so definitely make plans to grab a 4-pack or two!

And last on the list of Ology cans being released next week is "Resolved Enigma IPA," which is a brand new beer from Ology.

Ology — which now has two locations for curbside pickup (Midtown and Northside) — also has hand sanitizer available for purchase in addition to their beer. You can place your orders for any of the above at

One last item on Ology: Many of you have been asking us what the update is on their planned distillery, Ology Distilling — which will mark Tallahassee's first local distillery when it opens. We reached out to Ology this week and here's what they told us: "We really did switch focus to supplying our community with lots of hand sanitizer," Co-owner Nick Walker said. "But, (the distillery is) moving right along. Look for some of its first product soon!"

Lake Tribe set to release new cans

Lake Tribe canceled last week's "Coffee Cabin Camp" Amber Ale release because of  "quality control issues" — which we applaud. If a beer isn't ready to be released — or has some kind of taste issue and isn't perfect — a brewery should shelve it and wait until it's up to their standards.

Lake Tribe, meanwhile, pushed that release back to this week, and it will be available in cans Saturday, May 16th.

Also on the horizon for Lake Tribe are two more cans coming next week: "Maple Coffee Cabin Camp" Amber Ale (exactly what it sounds like) and "Steep Mountain," which is a cinnamon rooibos tea amber ale that came out as a part of their 4th Anniversary releases last year.

Lake Tribe's new hours are Weds.-Saturday, 4-8 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m. And you can order ahead of time online at

That's gonna do it for us this week, fam. Until next time, be sure to listen to our radio show on ESPN 97.9 FM each Saturday at 9:30 a.m. or catch it on the podcast anytime at

Get out there, drink local and support local — all while continuing to practice social distancing. Cheers, Tallahassee.

Danny Aller is the co-founder of the TLH Beer Society, a group of avid craft beer lovers. Reach the Beer Society on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or email

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